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Hi, welcome to my site! I am sure at least a few of you are curious as to who I really am. I am 18 and I just moved away from home 8 months ago. I moved from the Pacific NorthWest to the Central United States. I have had a life long desire to be spanked. This is not something that I had ever really acted upon. I felt that my desires were somehow wrong and I was ashamed of them.

I was never spanked as a child, not even once. I had many friends who were spanked growing up and the whole concept fascinated me (not to mention, turned me on). One time I was at a friend's house, after school, listening to some tapes in her room. Out of nowhere her bedroom door flies open and her mom comes storming in carrying a large belt and a letter from school. The letter had to do with unexcused absences. It seems my friend had skipped a lot of school and this was the first her mom had heard of it. Her mom was raging, I mean she was actually red in the face. She yelled at the top of her lungs for a minute or so and then told my friend to bendover the bed. The girl tried to protest my presence, but her mom was not listening, she actually pushed her over the bed. I just sat on the floor, completely dumbfounded by what was going on.

Her mom yanked down my friend's sweatpants and panties in one motion. The girl was still protesting me being there. Her mom folded this big leather belt in half and then started. I had previously talked to a few people about how they got spanked, but this was my first time to ever see an actual spanking. I was truly stunned by the severity. I had always pictured a spanking to be over someone's knee, getting a hand put to their bottom. I did not picture an out of control mom, swinging a belt as hard and as fast as she could. Her mom was swinging the belt out of control. She was lifting it into the air as fast as she could and swinging with all of her might. I am not just talking about swinging her arm, she was using her whole body. It took no time at all before my friend was crying hysterically. Several times she put a hand in front of her bottom, only to get it whipped with the belt. After a few shots to her arms and hands, she kept her hand out of the way. Her mom kept whipping her with this belt until I do not think she could do it anymore. I am not sure how many strokes she got, but it lasted more than 3 minutes.

When she was done, she just stood there for a minute catching her breath. She then looked at me and told me it was time for me to go home. To this day I do not know if her mom caught her breath and kept going, or if that was the end of it. My friend was horrified that I got to see it and refused to talk about it. Actually, it took her almost a week to really even speak to me again, she was that embarrassed. All I know, was the thoughts that I had previously been confused about where much clearer. I liked spanking! Not just a little but a lot. As much pain as I saw my friend in and as bruised as I saw her legs and bottom get, I wanted to be the one getting the belt. From that day forward, my thoughts while I masturbated where always of being spanked. Even though I had pinpointed my fetish, I was still very embarrassed by it. How could I explain to someone that seeing my friend beaten with a belt was very arousing. Even harder, was to try and tell someone that I wanted to be the one beaten. Needless to say, I never discussed this with anyone. It remained in my head for many years. The closest I ever got to being spanked was taking a wooden spoon from the kitchen and spanking myself with it. Somehow, it was not the same.

After many years of contemplating the whole concept of spanking, I realized why spanking myself was just not the same. It is not really the pain that excites me about a spanking, it is the submission. It is being told that you have to bend over and hold still while someone brings a lot of pain to you. It is being able to run away if you really wanted, but not doing so, due to the commanding presence of the person punishing you. It is taking everything you deserve, hating every minute of it, yet for some reason taking all of it. I did not just desire a spanking, I wanted to experience a real punishment. My parents were no help, a punishment in my house was being grounded from the phone, or TV, or not being able to leave the house. My school did not spank (actually at the time, I did not know any schools spanked). I was clueless that people actually pursue spankings as adults and for fun. Being that my parents did not spanked, I figured I would never get to know what a real punishment was about.

All of this changed when I moved. Shortly after moving I moved in with a girl I had become good friends with. She was making some money doing some nude modeling and seemed to really enjoy it. One day she told me that she was going to have her own website. I asked about it and she told me it would be better to just wait and see it when it was finished. A couple months later, she told me it was complete and asked me if I wanted to see it. I told her I did and we went to the computer. She typed in the address and what appeared on the screen? I know I turned bright red when I saw it and my heart started beating a million miles per hour. You have to understand, I was new to the web and seen some adult sites, but never even considered that there were spanking sites. Now here was my roommate, on the screen with a bright red bottom. My heart was racing and my crotch was wet, I could not believe it.

Of course, I had a million questions for her. She told me all about being spanked as a kid by her parents. Some of the stuff she told me made my friends spanking that I watched, seem gentle. It turns out her dad ran a church and was very strict. She told me about being swatted with a paddle until she stopped crying, Wow! Anyway, I asked her a lot about the people that spanked her. She told me everything about the spankings she took for her site. She even told me about a few spankings she received from these people that were a punishment for something she had done. I almost fainted. She said that they were really nice, but the spankings did hurt. I guess that she could tell by the way I was reacting that this was more than just a passing interest. She asked me what I thought about spanking and I spilled the beans. I told her about seeing my friend get the belt and how it had affected me. I told her that since that day I had a major desire to be spanked. We talked all night and had some drinks. She showed me all of her site as well as 100's of other spanking sites. I was blown away. I had been around a computer for several months and never realized that my ultimate fantasy was right here online.

As the night progressed, she finally asked me if I wanted her to spank me. Already a little tipsy, I agreed. She told me to pull down my pants and panties and get over her lap. To be quite honest, before I ever got my panties down, my crotch was dripping wet. With my bottom bared, she grabbed me by the arm and pulled me over her knees. For the next 10-15 minutes she spanked my bottom with her hand. It was not all that hard, but it was my first experience, and it worked for me. When she was done, we went into the bathroom together and looked at my bottom in the mirror. I could not believe how red it was. I could feel my pulse beating in my bottom and in my crotch. It was unbelievable!

I went to bed shortly after that and masturbated for hours. I must have spent 5 hours a day from that point forward online looking at spanking sites. I would spend a lot of time reading stories about people that were spanked as kids. As much as being spanked by Jessica had turned me on, it lacked the punishment aspect of it that I craved. After a few weeks of gathering my courage, I asked Jessica if I could go and meet the people who she worked with and be spanked. She asked how much money I was looking to make and I told her that I didn't want money, I wanted to be punished. She was certain that she could arrange that.

Less than a week later she took me to their studio for an appointment. The whole thing was run by a husband and wife team and several employees. Jessica introduced me to the owners and we went into an office and had a talk. I was very embarrassed at first trying to explain what I desired to these people. Before this time, Jessica was the only person I had ever told about my desire to be spanked. Here I was with two adults, telling them that I wanted to come to them and have one of them spank me. They told me from the beginning that they could fulfill my request, but everything would be on camera and put on a website. I told them I did not care about that if I could get what I was looking for. I told them that having my picture taken did not bother me but I was a little nervous about it being videotaped. I guess my biggest concern was how I sound on tape. I am one of those people who hates to her themselves on tape or video. They said we could try something with just a camera first and go from there.

I explained to them that I wanted it to be as real as possible. I explained to them that I had seen a lot online about school paddlings and that that seemed to excite me a lot. I asked about the possibility of doing a realistic school type scene. For me this was the ultimate in submission. Bending over to be paddled by someone you do not know for breaking school rules. They assured me that they were very good at what they do and they could give me everything I wanted. We scheduled an appointment for the next week and Jessica and I left. The next week took forever to pass and I could not wait. I was so excited, I was going to receive my first real punishment in just a few days.

Well the day came and Jessica asked me if I wanted her to go. I told her that I didn't, I felt it would be more real without someone I knew around watching it. She understood, and I drove myself to the studio. All I can say is that the next 2 hours changed my life. You just cannot believe how good they were at fulfilling my fantasy. I pressed the buzzer at the door and I was greeted by a women whom I had seen at their studio but had not talked to. She opened the door an immediately started griping at me. I tried to explain to her that I had an appointment today to see the owners. She told me she knew exactly why I was here and that I was late. She said that not only was I late, but I seemed to have forgotten my uniform. I was really confused for a minute or two when it finally hit me that this was all part of it. It was working to, I was nervous and felt like I had gotten into a lot of trouble with this lady. She told me that showing up for school without my cheer uniform was only going to make my punishment worse. She led me upstairs and into a small room. She pointed to a real cute cheerleader uniform and told me to get changed and I would be called when it was time for my punishment. With that she left the room and closed the door.

I immediately changed into the uniform and sat down and waited. I cannot tell you how nervous I was. This women seemed really mad at me and I truly hoped she was not going to be the one to punish me. I waited in that room for more than 30 minutes. Several times I almost opened the door to ask what was going on, but I was too scared to. I could not believe it, I was sitting here nervous about being punished. As scared as I was, the whole thing was really turning me on. After just more than 30 minutes, the door opened and the owner stuck her head in and said, "Miss Thomas will see you now" and then she left. I paused for a few seconds, too nervous to move, and finally stepped out of the door. Sitting behind the desk was the lady who had let me in. She was now wearing office attire and had a very stern look on her face. She told me in a stern voice to have a seat. I looked around and there was now lighting equipment all around. The lady owner had a camera and was snapping a lot of pictures of me. For the next ten minutes this lady lectured me about various things. She told me about the policy of not being late, always wearing my uniform on the proper days, and many other things. This first time she asked me a question, and I responded with a "yes', she nearly went through the roof. She told me that I would get extra swats for not calling her Ma'am. This went on for a long period of time, with the owner lady taking pictures the whole time. Finally, the stern lady had heard enough and stood up. She made a big production about opening her desk drawer, and I soon found out why. She pulled out this huge wooden paddle from the drawer. I just stared at it dumbfounded, this was the first paddle I had seen in real life and boy was it big.

She walked around the desk and told me to move my chair. After I moved the chair she just stared at me for a minute. I was so intimidated and scared. At this point in time as excited as I was, I just wanted to run away. Finally, she told me to bend over the desk and spread my legs wide. She told me that I would receive 4 "licks" for being late, 4 "licks" for not wearing my uniform, and four "licks" for not addressing her as "Ma'am". She tapped the paddle on my bottom a few times and then waited an eternity before giving me the first swat. When she did give me the first swat, it caught me off guard. I yelled loud when it hit and was taken by surprise by the pain. This one swat hurt more than my entire spanking from Jessica. I stood up and grabbed my bottom and did a little dance. She put her hand on my back and pushed me back into place. She explained to me that she would start over and that I was not allowed to stand up, I would take my entire punishment and not move a muscle. This was going to be tough, after one I was ready to be done with it. Feeling I had no choice, I bent back over. She then gave me another swat just as hard as the first. I cried out, but did not stand up. This is how it went until I received every swat. When it was over she told me I could stand up. As much as it hurt, I did not cry and I am not exactly sure why. I think I was just overwhelmed by my surroundings. She sat back down and told me I was dismissed and pointed to the room I was in before. I went into the room and sat just sat down.

A few minutes later the owner lady came in to sit with me. She asked me a bunch of questions about how I felt about the whole thing. She asked if I was alright, did it fulfill my fantasy, and many other questions. I told her that I was fine, that my butt hurt, but that they had really fulfilled my fantasy. I told her that I really felt like I was in trouble and that it was as real as it gets. She asked if I would come back out and take a few more pictures to capture some of what was missed during my punishment and I agreed. We went back out and they took a few more pics of me and the stern lady. When it was all over the stern lady gave me a hug and was then really nice to me. She was good at her role because I was convinced she was a real bitch. When we finished with the pictures we all sat around and talked. I confessed to them that this was amazing and more than I ever hoped for and I asked if I could do it again some time. They said they could certainly arrange that. They explained that girls that got paddled at school also got spanked at home and I would not be an exception. I was told that I was dismissed and that I was to return in a week. They told me to keep the uniform until next week and to show up wearing it. We also talked about filming the next one and I consented to it.

The next week, I drove to the studio just as nervous as before. Now I had a better idea what to expect and I knew it was going to hurt. I rang the buzzer and was greeted by the stern lady again. I quickly realized that she was now in a "mom" role. She opened the door and grabbed me by the arm. She told me that the "school" had called and told her that I had been paddled. She told me that if I get in trouble at school that I would get the same at home. She dragged me by my arm (real damn hard) up the stairs and into the studio space. There was now a bedroom all setup. In addition to the lights and the owner lady with the camera, there was also the male owner with a video camera. While I was checking everything out the "mom" told me to pay attention to her and to get into my bedroom.

She sat on the edge of the bed and just glared at me for a minute. She finally said "we are going to make a real impression on you this time, I want you to strip". That got my attention, I did not expect this. But, given the situation I felt like I had to do what she said for fear of getting in more trouble. I could not believe it really, here I was an 18 year old girl, being told to take off my clothes in front of 3 people I barely knew, to be spanked. Instead of telling them what they could do with it, I did as I was told. I was caught up in the situation and was only concerned about not getting any additional swats, boy they are good. I did as I was told and took off my clothes, she told me to leave my panties on for now. Once my clothes were off she just stared at me for a while again. Finally she grabbed my left arm and pulled me over her lap. She started spanking not all that hard, but it quickly progressed to much more. Before I knew it I was squirming all over the place, gripping the bedspread, and taking one hell of a spanking. She spanked me long and hard and I never thought it was going to end. Part way into it she pulled my panties up into my butt so she could spank my bare cheeks. Finally, after my butt was on fire it was over. She stopped and told me to get off her lap. Then to my surprise, she told me to take off my panties and get back over her lap. So much for being through. She then spanked me harder than ever. After another few minutes of being spanked, I was told to stand up.

She told me to stand with my hands behind my head, "at attention" and stand there. Here I was completely naked, with a burning bottom, and pictures were being taken of me, talk about humiliation. After a little while, she told me to turn around so they could see my butt. After a few more pics were taken, she told me to stand facing the wall. I was left in this position for 5 minutes. What my first punishment lacked in humiliation and embarrassment, this one sure made up for it. Finally after an eternity, I was told to get dressed. Once again, I sat down with the owner lady and she asked me if I was ok. I told her that I was and confessed to her that I was so turned on that I could burst. She laughed a little and said, "good".

It was not too long after that spanking that I arranged to do a website with them. Jessica seemed to be doing pretty good with hers and I figured I could make a little money and still act out my fantasies. So every week, I now report for a punishment and it is filmed and brought to you here. I have asked them to try and keep my sessions real for me and they continue to surprise me with new and creative punishments. Each one still seems real to me and I could not ask for more.

The latest development, now that I am a full blown spankee, is that Jessica and I came up with some apartment rules that we are both to follow. Things like taking out the trash, cleaning up after ourselves, watching out times on long distance phone calls, and others. We have worked out a system that if one breaks the rules, the other can spank her for it. At first it backfired because I kept breaking the rules on purpose to get spanked. She quickly caught on and is spanking me much harder now. I have spanked her a few times, and although not as enjoyable as being spanked, it is quite fun. This month we are buying a video camera so we can film the spankings that happen in our apartment and put them on our sites.

Well, that is pretty much what got me to this point of time. Come on into my Member's area, where you can view all the pictures and videos I have to offer. If you want a sneak peek of what is in my member's area, Click Here.


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